You Were Saying?

As I visit each city and country on The Saturn Return Project tour, I am thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to speak with some of today’s greatest communications leaders.

My host agency partner in each country represents the core of the perspective, opinion and insight that I glean and share. And then there is you: the independent industry greats. I invite and encourage any individual to connect with me and share your thoughts and perspective on the state of the industry.

It is important to round out the core of perspective with as many voices and opinions as possible, for it goes without saying that opinions come in as many varieties as there are humans on the Earth.

In order to provide the most robust picture of the communications industry in each country, I need you to weigh in and share your thoughts. Don’t be afraid to speak up, as each independent thought helps to build this web of conversation. By opening up and sharing, we enter discussion and debate, and therefore healthy growth, that benefits the industry as a whole.

I have suggested some ways to connect via Interactive Blogging. Any post is up for your thoughts. I’ve linked to some below.


… you were saying?

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