My Future Digital Progeny: Our Children's Reality

I had a total flash-forward last night reading this article on Mashable about the launch of Digital-Only Textbooks for the K-12 market.

I saw myself sending my child(ren) off to school with only an iPad and a lunchbox (yes, I am keeping the lunchbox in my pretend flash-forward. Lunchboxes are the coolest). No pens, no pencils. No notebooks, no textbooks. No graphing calculator twice the size of most cell phones now. Just an iPad.

This certainly wasn't a premonition, the reality is upon us. Though it may not be mainstream yet, it will be.

My kids will be fluent in this space and will know no other reality. They will never have not known Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and the one thousand platforms that will arise between now and flash-forward time when my as-of-yet-still-fictional children enter this world.

In fact, those platforms may be history by the time my children put their iPad in its case (no need for the cumbersome backpack) and head to school. They will only hear the tales of social media yore that rival the "I had to walk to school barefoot, uphill both ways... in snow" stories of today. Their mobile phones will be an extension of not only their body but their personal sense of capability and identity, having only known a life of instant gratification, personalization and connection.

My kids will never known the uncertainty of this time, the "what are we doing with this new digital and social media" conversation. They will live the answers to the questions we're asking now, and execute ideas we cannot yet fathom.

Their sense of privacy might be shockingly low, or perhaps they will be shockingly adapt at protecting themselves in this new world, which will not be new to them but just... their world.

So, what will shock them?

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