If you've ever spent fifteen minutes behind the scenes of an ad agency (any agency), you've felt the energy. The standard hum of "Omigod, I have 1,000 things to do and they were all due yesterday and half of them are on fire, while the other half are being torn apart by rabid animals and I'm the only one who can save it all... but don't worry, it's all... under... control!" And, of course, it is all under control.

But taking time to do anything outside of the 1,000 things on that immediate list can be very difficult, and worth props when accomplished.

Enter "TAXI GIVES," stage left. Started by TAXI's Brand Reputation Director, Shelley Raymond, the TAXI GIVES program looks for charities to support within TAXI's communities.

Last week, a massive crew of drivers from TAXI Canada's Toronto office raised funds and took two hours out of a Wednesday afternoon to participate in the Inside Ride. They all rode stationary bikes at maximum effort to support children, teenagers and their families living with cancer.

Despite the name of the event, it happened to be an outdoors in a light drizzling rain. But there was no place for gloom or complaints. Grey skies were no match for the inspiration of a cause such as the Inside Ride, and the TAXI team pedaled for the lives of sick children and teens across Canada.

This ride was dedicated to a young girl named Zoe, whose mother introduced the crowd to her story.
Zoe's mother welcomes the crowd.
Zoe has been battling various diseases, including cancer, from the 25th hour of her life and on throughout the past seven years. Tales of her infectious energy, resilient spirit and simple bravery through every health challenge she has had to face were more than enough motivation to prepare and inspire every rider participating in the afternoon.

The music blared, the crowds cheered, clapped and danced and the energy was overwhelmingly positive. Teams worked hard (it is not easy to pedal as fast as you can for 5-10 minutes straight!) fueled by adrenaline and peer support. 

As advertising professionals, we spend our days promoting our clients' brands, work and efforts. But it is tremendously encouraging when folks in our industry use those same skills and efforts to give back. We're all capable of more than we think and TAXI shows its commitment to helping others with TAXI GIVES.

Not to mention the award-winning performance they put forth: TAXI won first place for best uniforms, third place in total distanced pedaled and an honorable mention for team spirit. 


Check out the full suite of photos from the TAXI Team at the Inside Ride here:
Feel the energy of the afternoon! Watch a video clip of the team on The Saturn Return Project's Facebook page, here.

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