Industry Profile: TAXI Brand Reputation Director Shelley Raymond

Shelley Raymond is exactly the woman for her job. She tells it like it is, with an endearing blend of authenticity, enthusiasm and humility, and just four months in to this new role, Shelley says she could work here forever.

Her position at TAXI Canada, Brand Reputation Director, comes with varied responsibilities but empowers her to do what the title suggests: represent and protect the TAXI brand in all its manifestations, both internally and externally.

Shelley works on strategic brand initiatives, including public relations, maintenance of TAXI’s website and ensuring that outbound communication about TAXI is fresh and on-brand. Shelley produces the TAXI Insider newsletter, which welcomes new TAXI drivers to the ride by sharing their photos and fun personal facts to help them connect with their new colleagues.

TAXI Gives, another of Shelley’s initiatives, kicked off just days after I arrived at TAXI Toronto. Recognizing TAXI’s capacity to give back to its communities through (wo)manpower and fundraising, the TAXI Gives program looks for organizations that could use a hand. Its premise is simple: donate a bit of time and leverage the powers of promotion that reside within us advertising folk to raise a few bucks for a worthy cause. The combined power of more than 25 TAXI drivers doing this makes a difference, as it did at the Inside Ride. Read more about TAXI and the Inside Ride here.

Shelley operates on an open door policy. Anyone at TAXI with an idea to spread the love for the brand either internally, within the community or beyond is welcome to darken her door and funnel their ideas through one person who is empowered to bring them to life.

Walking a fine line to support all of the communities that comprise TAXI, Shelley works closely with senior leadership to stay au courant and simultaneously maintains her relationships with colleagues in all facets of the company. By keeping her finger on the internal pulse of the agency, Shelley is able to listen for opportunity.

Having worked in account management at TAXI for seven years, Shelley is in a unique position to succeed in this new role. She knows the business thoroughly and has built valuable connections with her colleagues at TAXI throughout her tenure. She has seen TAXI grow year over year and now, with an objective and optimistic view of it all, Shelley looks for ways to improve that which is already good.


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