It is not by coincidence that one of Quebec’s up-and-coming agencies is located on one of Montreal’s most renowned streets. Boulevard Saint-Laurent used to mark the divide between English and French-speaking Montreal, but now that we can all play nice in the sandbox of language and linguistics, Saint-Laurent is known for neater things. Like the path it takes directly through some of Montreal’s funkiest neighbourhoods, from Old Montreal to Little Italy, with Chinatown, the Plateau and others in between.

CARTEBLANCHE is just south of Little Italy on Saint-Laurent. Inside the agency, the atmosphere is fresh and uncluttered. There is no reception, so I was greeted by the incredible fact that “CARTEBLANCHE” is written across five walls facing the door in a three-dimensional mind trip, above a selection of free weights, a bench and a boombox. Quickly thereafter, I was welcomed by Johann Smith, one of CARTEBLANCHE’s Founders, and Sylvain Raymond, the Director of Creative Strategy, who showed me around the joint and took me on a conversational tour of their philosophy and work.

Predominately a French-speaking agency, Smith and Raymond warned me of the limitations of their English, and I mentally prepared to stumble through a resurrection of my long-dormant French studies to ask questions en français. Though that would have been useful, it was not necessary. Not only was everyone’s English more-than-adequate, CARTEBLANCHE’s work and track record speak for themselves...continue reading at IHAVEANIDEA.org... 

Check out photos of the CARTEBLANCHE office:

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