IHAVEANIDEA Agency Profile: CloudRaker

“You cannot possibly comment on the state of the ad industry in Canada without visiting Montreal” was a chorus I heard again, and again, and again in Toronto. “You’re going there, too, right?”

How could I not? Not only the home and headquarters of IHAVEANIDEA, Montreal is at the heart of French-speaking Quebec. The heart of the province, but also the heart of the culture and the heart of the ad industry francais. Most shops in English-speaking Canada have at least a partner, if not an outpost, if not a full-blown office in Montreal to ensure that their communications resonate with all Canadians, including their crazy cousins in Quebec.

Shops like CloudRaker have their roots exclusively planted in Montreal. A truly bi-lingual agency, CloudRaker has one foot on both sides of the language divide, though in fact, there is no divide. Rakers, as those who walk through the doors of CloudRaker each morning are called, come from a multitude of blended backgrounds, and not always with ad agency experience. It’s not required. Curiosity is, as is intelligence and a natural creative drive. Being the tight-knit team that they are, there is absolutely no place for ego at CloudRaker, though they have much to be proud of. ...continue reading at IHAVEANIDEA.org...

Check out photos of CloudRaker's beautiful office space:

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