L'Homard in the Old Port.

I adore unique dining experiences, and Montreal certainly has no limit on the things that make you go hmm. Or in this case, Mmmm.

At first glance, it appears to be an average snack stand. Conveniently located along the boardwalk promenade of the Old Port where tourists stroll, the stand seems like the kind that would serve hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, ice cream and soft drinks.

Fortunately, I had a local looking out for me, who alerted me to the real deal. The inside scoop on what this spot really serves: l'homard. The Lobster Roll.

And not just any lobster roll. A lightly grilled roll filled with huge mouthwatering pieces of lobster meat, alongside a cup or a bowl of clam chowder (depending on your appetite) with Cape Cod potato chips. Yes, the crunchiest, saltiest, best-mate-for-a-lobster-roll chips. All in all, a party for the tastebuds.

An incredible amount of delight that, though it tastes as though it should, does not break the bank. The Lobster Roll lunchbox is only $15, amazing given the amount of lobster meat they serve, not to mention the accompaniments that join it.

If the food itself does not impress (and rest assured that it will), the view will certainly wow. The Lobster Roll Stand patio is covered with picnic tables that guests share overlooking the port. On a summer gorgeous blue-sky-white-puffy-cloud day, as the one I was privileged enough to enjoy, it seems an on-the-go dining experience probably does not get much better.

A true expression of the l'art de vivre de Montreal embraces so well. Delicious, treasure-of-the-season cuisine served simply with a stunning seaport backdrop.

No, it in fact does not get much better.

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