Announcement from Brianna: I Had An Idea.

I have some exciting news.

This announcement comes in part as an explanation for the pause in the blogging action and in part as an update on the insane level of activity happening behind the scenes that has resulted in said pause on the postings.

In fact, my fingers did not break, nor did my ability to hit "publish." The Saturn Return Project is a living, breathing endeavor in real time and you are all experiencing it as I do. So "where am I now?" is a good question both figuratively and literally.

Following my incredible time in Toronto and then in Montreal, The Saturn Return Project brought me to Los Angeles, where I have spent the last month taking a deep dive into the scene on the West Coast of the United States. After all, I left the scene in New York City to launch The Saturn Return Project, so I thought it would be interesting to see what my fellow countrymen and women were up to on the Left Coast. California marks the third destination on the tour.

Three amazing agencies, 180LA, David&Goliath and 72andSunny, have played host to The Saturn Return Project, sharing their philosophies, their work and what makes the industry in L.A. what it is. I'm excited to share these insights with you through the video, interviews and perspectives that I've collected during the inspiring conversations that I've had.

Chats with guys like William Gelner, Executive Creative Director of 180LA, David Angelo, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of David&Goliath, Colin Jeffery, David&Goliath's Executive Creative Director (a native South African and former TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris employee, no less, a fun twist that illustrates the interconnected state of our planet), Ben Purcell, a Creative Director at David&Goliath, who has been with the agency since its first days, David&Goliath's Chief Marketing Officer Claudia Kaplan, as well as some of the awesome team at 72andSunny have all enlightened my view point on the industry here.

So why aren't those posts up? Well, for one thing, there is a bit more insight from Canada still trickling in that I'd like to share before we transition to destination number three.

But more importantly, because I had an idea. Actually, Ignacio Oreamuno, the Founder and President of IHAVEANIDEA (as well as Portfolio Night, the Tomorrow Awards and Giant Hydra) had an idea. Ignacio caught wind of The Saturn Return Project early on, soon after it launched. Fast forward a few months to late August, and I am pleased to announce that I have accepted the honor of working with IHAVEANIDEA as their Operations Manager and Writer.

An offer I never would have accepted had it been contingent on the premature conclusion of The Saturn Return Project. Rest assured, the journey will continue!

The best part about this latest development is that the values and passion that inspired me to pack a bag and hit the road indefinitely are the same values that Ignacio and the IHAVEANIDEA team share. These guys have been working to better the industry for ten years and if you think the lifestyle I've assumed to complete this project is crazy, Ignacio's been living it for years now. Brett McKenzie, Giant Hydra's Creative Manager, the voice of IHAVEANIDEA and our SBN2 (you'll have to ask him if you don't know, and no he does not sideline on Flight of the Conchords), Sean MacPhedran, the General Manager of the Tomorrow Awards, Giant Hydra and IHAVEANIDEA and Nat Salguiero, our Creative and Content Manager, who you won't see at many of the industry Schmooze's, but is tireless behind the scenes, comprise a team that kicks some serious tail.

You may have seen hints of this news, as I began to share my IHAVEANIDEA Agency Profiles for CloudRaker and CARTEBLANCHE. There will be a lot more of this activity to come and then some. Massive rumblings are underfoot at IHAVEANIDEA, so keep your eyes on the site for a major announcement in the coming weeks.

As for the trajectory of The Saturn Return Project, I will share my L.A. learnings over the next month, as I head back up to Montreal to get settled with my new team before hitting the road again. Though I intended to visit both Los Angeles and San Francisco for a full West Coast tour, the unexpected hit of Hurricane Irene requires that I leave California prematurely and return to my original home state of Vermont to help, before I head back to Montreal. I will share some San Fran insights via remote interviews and conversations (and rely on my previous visits to the great city to fill in the blanks on the feel of the environment the pros living there work in).

London, Amsterdam and Shanghai will complete The Saturn Return Project tour in late fall/early winter (spring and summer if you're in South Africa or the hemisphere down under). If you are an agency in one of these great cities and would like to be one of the forward-thinking hosts of The Saturn Return Project, please be in contact.

I encourage you to continue to spread the word about The Saturn Return Project with your network and share your thoughts on any post. Whether you agree, disagree or have a left-field thought to contribute, I welcome them all and no comment is inconsequential. Be a part of this journey and build the conversation and your web around the world!

| Brianna |