IHAVEANIDEA Agency Profile: 72andSunny

Sometimes it takes an hour’s worth of questions to get to the heart of an agency’s culture. Other times, it only takes one authentic moment. The latter was the case at 72andSunny.

Stepping into the Los Angeles-based agency, the first thing I took in was the energy of such an open space. 72andSunny looks like a warehouse, but with its exposed brick, radiant colors, art-covered walls and borderless workspace, 72andSunny gives off a distinctly southern California, hip vibe. It’s sophisticated but it’s casual, and there is clearly no shortage of hustle underfoot.

There are closed off conference rooms at 72andSunny, but even then, floor-to-ceiling windows keep the flow open between the conversations happening inside and the 72 Crew working outside the room. Chatting in one such chandeliered conference room, we were distracted by a film editor and director waving outside through the window. An urgent question necessitated the interruption of our interview, but not for nothing. In return, he climbed up on the conference table and in one moment gave me a clearer picture of the culture at 72andSunny than any conversation ever could. Dancing to “Pumped Up Kicks” under the chandelier for 30 full seconds, it was evident: this team may be busy to the maximum, but they are definitely having fun doing it...

Read more at IHAVEANIDEA.org and click the image below to take a look at some shots of the SoCal chic office space at 72andSunny:

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