Crossing the Halfway Mark.

And just like that, we cross the halfway mark of The Saturn Return Project™, beginning the second half of this six-stop journey in London, England. As I have just physically left England for Amsterdam (the fifth destination), I look forward to looking back over the past two weeks in London to reflect on the insights, perspectives and experience that were shared with me by ad pros from Lean Mean Fighting Machine, Flo Heiss at Dare, Seb Royce at glue Isobar, Gav Gordon-Rogers, Al Young at St. Luke's and Damon Collins at Y&R. 

Some themes did begin to bubble to the surface through the course of my conversations and I look forward to sharing those with you. Please weigh in with your own thoughts and experience. Do not hesitate to debate a point or contradict an opinion to expand the dimensions and the depth of our conversation about the industry in London. No thought is not worth sharing. There are a multitude of ways to weigh in.

London was a stunning city. Its architecture is gorgeous, the public transportation is clean and easy to navigate (there are even staff stationed throughout the Tube stations to answer questions, and they do so sans bitter cynicism), the people were friendly and the agencies were welcoming, hard-working and honest with their self-evaluations. I was even blessed with at least three days of sunshine to light up the otherwise grey days of October.

Tune in. Join the conversation. And spread the word. 

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