IHAVEANIDEA Agency Profile: Lean Mean Fighting Machine

The biggest challenge you’ll face in a visit to Lean Mean Fighting Machine is finding the place. The location is idyllic, situated across from the famed Roundhouse Theatre, near Primrose Hill, not far from Regent’s Park and the peacefully winding Regent’s Canal, just north of Central London in Camden Town. But the office itself is cleverly hidden just off the hip hustle and bustle of Chalk Farm Road on Ferdinand Street.

My normally foolproof internal compass was thrown off as I climbed the stairs into the Lean Mean Fighting Machine office worried into a tizzy about my tardiness. I was immediately put at ease, greeted at reception by name, offered tea and water and introduced the partners in the most hospitable of welcomes. I took a deep breath and settled in. Over the course of my visit, every person at Lean Mean Fighting Machine took the time to introduce themselves, talk about the culture, work and agency, and include me in every part of their day.

One part of which included an agency farewell to a treasured employee. In what I learned was Lean Mean Fighting Machine fashion, this was no typical farewell, but rather a celebratory pub crawl throughout each part of the city in which a Lean Mean Fighting Machine office once lived over the past seven years. The partners invited all current and former employees, who turned up in droves, hugging each other and enthusiastically catching up. This was not your average party, but then Lean Mean Fighting Machine is not your average agency.

As in Las Vegas, what happens at a Lean Mean Fighting Machine Agency Farewell party stays at a Lean Mean Fighting Machine Agency Farewell party. But let’s just say that they can play as hard as they work.

Read more at IHAVEANIDEA.org and click the image below to have a look at some shots of the bright, open team space at Lean Mean Fighting Machine:

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