IHAVEANIDEA Agency Profile: Dare London

Remember the game “Truth or Dare,” where two brave souls challenge one another to choose between spilling the unspeakable or doing the unthinkable? At London-based agency Dare, the two are not mutually exclusive. Rather, the Dare team works by the mantra “Truth and Dare,” always striving to reach the core truth of a brand and be daring enough to state it. It’s about getting the right information out from the very beginning of a project or client relationship to ensure efficacy in the long run.

Dare London has always been rooted in digital, but after merging with MCBD last year to combine MCBD’s broadcast prowess with Dare’s digital dexterity, the newly fused agency is even better equipped to deliver on “Truth and Dare.” MCBD and Dare found themselves repeatedly going up against each other in pitch settings, but with complementary rather than competitive skill sets. So instead of battling, they decided to combine forces to create a creative agency capable in any discipline, rather than a digital agency striving to move beyond digital or an above the line agency attempting to move into a digital space.  

Walking the walk in the modern digitally-savvy marketplace can be a huge time and resource-consuming investment for any agency, preventing some from building the infrastructure necessary to deliver on capability, even if the right mindset is there. But not only is Dare’s mindset in the right place, its skill set backs it up. Blending the established strengths of Dare with those of MCBD resulted in a band of in-house specialists, who can produce an app just as well as a complicated site or a TV ad. Dare is not out to create “advertising,” but rather to produce tool-based utilities that solve a business problem. 

Click here to read more at IHAVEANIDEA.org and click the image below to have a look at Dare's open, collaborative new(ish) office space:

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