3rd Destination: LOS ANGELES

Some call it the "Left Coast," some the "Best Coast.” Either way, we’re talking about the Southern West Coast of the United States of America, specifically Los Angeles; the 3rd Destination of The Saturn Return Project™

SoCal is a unique blend of laid-back ease and hardcore hustle that nestles itself between the concrete playgrounds of downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, and the intersection of sun, sand and surf in Santa Monica and Venice Beach. 

Brianna launched The Saturn Return Project™ coming from a New York City base and perspective, and was therefore especially curious about the industry on the opposite side of the country. Though one of the largest (and certainly most well-known) cities in the world, the state of the industry in Los Angeles was a mystery to Brianna prior to arrival. Sure, TBWA\Chiat\Day and Deutsch are large and well-known industry names, having established the foundation of the industry's West Coast presence. But new smaller shops have cropped up over the past ten years, quickly propelling to greatness. 

It was some of these shops that informed the perspective of The Saturn Return Project™. In Los Angeles, Brianna and The Saturn Return Project™ visited three (literally) hot spots - 180 LA, David & Goliath and 72andSunny - to learn what makes the industry unique in Los Angeles and what has made it grow so suddenly. Great minds such as William Gelner, David Angelo and Colin Jeffery shared their experience and thoughts on living and working in Los Angeles, while later conversations with TBWA\Chiat\Day's Rob Schwartz helped round out some theories on the West Coast industry's growth and value.

180 LA is more than a “Beach House,” though in comparison to its sister “Canal Houses” across the pond in Amsterdam, it’s a fitting description. Located just off the beach in Santa Monica, CA, 180 is called such for a reason: as an agency it aims to turnthings around and look at a situation from a different perspective. Away fromthe tried, tested and obvious, in the other direction. 180 LA was founded in 2007 to accommodate its global Adidas account, as well as growing business from Sony and others. 180 LA quickly grew from just a few people to many, comprising some folks from the original Amsterdam office, plus other talent from around the world and the U.S. In addition to Adidas and Sony, 180 brands include Boost Mobile, Seventh Generation, HBO, Mitsubishi, Lilly and DHL. Learn more about 180 LA on their website, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

David & Goliath’s operating philosophy, Brave, definitely resonates with The Saturn Return Project™. Brave is not only the philosophy that all at David & Goliath staff members rally around, but it is also the filter and litmus test through which all ideas and decisions must pass. “David” is David Angelo, the Founder and Chief Creative Officer at D&G, and Goliath are the marketing challenges that his agency takes on. Some of those include brands like Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr., KIA, Universal Studios, Barcardi, Monte Carlo and CA Lottery. And David is taking Goliath down effectively if hardware is indication. D&G won Ad Age’s "2011 Small Agency of the Year" and a 2011 Gold Effie for the KIA rapping hamsters. In addition to its Los Angeles locale, D&G also has two other offices in London and Frankfurt. Learn more about D&G on its website, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

72andSunny is also a Los Angeles shop with an Amsterdam sibling, and one that has packed a big punch, “driving transactions by making brands matter in culture.” Because the agency is only seven years old, it claims it was born modern and is not a place that has to catch up with the times. 72andSunny calls itself a “culture first company,” putting the staff above all else. Coming from big agency environments like W+K Amsterdam and Deutsch/LA, the founders of 72andSunny set out to build an egoless studio where the work is owned by all. Its client roster includes Nike, K-Swiss (yes, they are the one’s behind the infamous Kenny Powers MFCEO videos), Xbox 360, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.. Learn more about 72andSunny on its website, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

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