About the Founder

Brianna is the creator, founder, writer, traveler and producer behind The Saturn Return Project™.
Brianna Graves
With a thirst for adventure and a taste for culture, Brianna has always sought the path less traveled.

In May 2011, after six years in a small ad shop, Brianna packed her bags and went virtual, traversing the globe and the world of the international advertising industry with The Saturn Return Project™.

Born of a curiosity about the use and regional effect of the (at the time) new world of digital and social media in international advertising hotspots, Brianna traveled from South Africa to Canada, Los Angeles to London, and Amsterdam to Shanghai to meet, interview and learn from top leaders in the industry landscape.

Between Los Angeles and London, Brianna connected with the crew at IHAVEANIDEA; three men led by Ignacio Oreamuno, who’d been on a mission to change the advertising industry for the better since 2001. Brianna partnered with Oreamuno as Director of IHAVEANIDEA, while continuing on to the remaining Saturn Return Project destinations.

In May 2012, one year after the launch of The Saturn Return Project™ and just as she returned from Shanghai (the sixth and final Project destination), Brianna took on the role of Director of Content + Communications at the Art Directors Club (ADC). IHAVEANIDEA and its sister companies Portfolio Night and the Tomorrow Awards moved from Canada to New York City to integrate with the first organization of its kind championing visual and creative communications, establishing the ADC Global Network as Oreamuno became the ADC Executive Director.

Brianna's role as Director of Content + Communications at ADC allowed her to play an integral role in the rebirth of the Club, helping to establish a relevant new vision and refreshed but reverent branding, create North America’s only beachside creative festival (the ADC Festival of Art + Craft in Advertising and Design), launch the ADC Magazine (originally known as “Muse”) and the ADC Annual iPad app, found the Let’s Make the Industry 50/50 Initiative and build an unprecedented content and communications dream team at ADC, which continues to work tirelessly to improve the creative industries today.

Contact Brianna with questions about The Saturn Return Project™ on Twitter at @SaturnProject or via email at brianna@thesaturnreturnproject.com.