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During the course of Brianna's travels for The Saturn Return Project she encouraged other writers and bloggers to participate in Interactive Blogging. Part of the fun of The Saturn Return Project was the community that built as Brianna traveled. This was how it worked:
  1. Brianna posts a blog. 
  2. You take to your own blog/forum and craft your comments and point of view. 
  3. You alert Brianna that you've done so in one of the following ways:
    • Tweet! Please @reply to @SaturnProject with the hashtag #interactiveblog and the link to your post. Brianna will retweet your Interactive Blog responses on The Saturn Return Project Twitter page.
    • Facebook! Post the link to your response as a comment under the appropriate post on The Saturn Return Project Facebook page. If you post your response directly on the Wall, please indicate that it is part of the Interactive Blogging web and the post you are responding to (if it is not obvious). 
    • Email Brianna a link to your response at Again, please let her know what post you are responding to. She will share your link across The Saturn Return Project's social media footprint. 
    • Video Response! If you would rather speak to the camera than type on a keyboard, go for it! Please post your video response as a fan video on The Saturn Return Project Facebook page, or use one of the above methods to send Brianna a link to your video. She will share your video response across The Saturn Return Project's social media footprint.  
    • Just comment! Post a link to your response as a comment on the blog post itself. Please do not post a soliloquy as a comment. Leave a short comment with the link to your thoughts. 
The original intention of Interactive Blogging was to build a web of conversation around the globe that wove together a wealth of diverse perspectives to help us understand the global state of the communications industry. 

If something on this blog or about this Project strikes you and moves you to respond, you are always welcome to engage in Interactive Blogging (follow the directions above). Brianna would always love to connect with you, whether now or a year from now.