Sponsors and Thanks

Brianna and The Saturn Return Project™ extend sincere thanks and appreciation to partners who have lent a hand along the way. These extraordinary folks include, but are not limited to:

The official hotel sponsor of The Saturn Return Project™ across South Africa is none other than City Lodge Hotels, found in all three of the three destinations Brianna visited (Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban). With the amenities to suit a business traveler and the comforts allowing relaxation at the end of the day, Brianna felt at home here. Visit www.citylodge.co.za to learn more.

Vodacom kept The Saturn Return Project™ connected while in South Africa with a contribution toward Brianna’s SIM allowance. Having just undergone a massive re-branding effort (and going red, red, red), Vodacom really works to connect with, listen and be responsive to its customers across an active social media footprint. Keep up with Vodacom on Twitter, Facebook or visit www.vodacom.co.za to learn more.

Talented graphic designer, artist and owner of Inkling, Carmen Stafford, brought The Saturn Return Project™ to life with her hard work on its logo. Check out Carmen's beautiful expressions on her blog at www.inklinglovedesign.com.

Toronto-based photographer and writer, Ryan Lindsay, and Toronto-based actress and wonder-photographer Kayla Rocca are the eyes behind the camera for Brianna's promotional photos. In addition to taking fabulous photos, Ryan is also a talented screen writer and editor. Check out his latest project, The Dog Poker Game, at www.thedogpokergame.com. When not inspiring with a camera, Kayla is an actress and artist. Check out Kayla's work on her website, blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. 

And of course, the ever-growing list of allies and friends who have offered wisdom, support, inspiration, encouragement, advice and a listening ear. Again including, but not limited to:
| Paul & Denise |
| Ignacio Oreamuno |
| David Hehn |
| Sophie Mayer |
| Dennis Shillen |
| Cheryl Eaton |
Simone & Franz |
| Paul Lin | 
| Aaron & Doug |
| Stephanie Williams |
| Estee & Monte |
| Janelle Benjamin-Simms |
| Maryanne DePresco |
| Debbie, Rebecca, Nami & the Namaste Yoga Family |
| Peter Brine |
| Cortney Cahill |
| Lindsay & Juan |
| The greater HAVEANIDEA network and family |
| 29 Clinton Street |