What is a "Saturn Return"?

According to Wikipedia, "the Saturn Return is an astrological phenomenon... coinciding with the time it takes the planet Saturn to make one orbit around the sun... to the degree occupied at the time of birth — approximately every 29.5 years." Other sites or a quick Google search give the phenomenon more explanation and context.

In astrological theory, this happens three times throughout one's life and marks a period of reflection, refinement and change.

As the first phase of Brianna’s Saturn Return approached in late 2011, after six years in the ad industry, she found herself inspired to add value to the international advertising community through the development of a unique global perspective.

Thus, she embarked upon The Saturn Return Project™.

Brianna packed her bags and went virtual, connected only via the digital tools that have changed our world, to interact with a global network of peers and industry leaders and discuss the state of advertising. What the Project turned into was so much more; a journey of professional and personal discovery, growth and fulfillment. And the beginning of the rest of Brianna's life.